Internet in the Family Home

A family ‘home’ is seen as quite a sacred place and environment, not just a house, or place to live, but an environment which you always come back to and where you grow. The understanding of the family home is that it is, in fact,  on the family; we then pose the question, has the introduction if the Internet, into the family home, changed its space or practices in that household, furthermore, the appliances or aspects of the family home?


The introduction of television has been described as one of the biggest developments of technology and made an impact globally; to contrast, I asked my grandmother what the Internet was like when it was firstly introduced, and she could barely describe it to me. My grandmother is quite tech savvy and up to date with technology, so it was quite interesting to me that she was lost for words. This enticed me to question my parents, they might have better knowledge about the Internet and technology, but they too, had similar responses to that of my grandmother.

I questioned her about what it was like when the Internet was firstly introduced, she described it as very gradual and slow, not the same as televisions enormous introduction when it first came out. The best that she could recall was initially using the Internet for email, “but not everyone had email anyway” she added. This was quite a shock for me; I expected something slightly grander, but one cannot expect the Internet to have as big an introduction as television, if its first uses were only minor?

Although the introduction of home broadband may not have had an impact on the family home for my grandmother, it has surely transformed the household environment. Take television for instance; I recall watching movies as a family on a Saturday night when I was a child, it was a family activity. With the introduction of the Internet, even if the family is all in the one room, we are generally on our phones (Internet) whilst in that setting. The introduction of Netflix and television on the Internet has furthermore impacted the family home environment. Considering that most individuals have their own computer, or television, it is much easier to isolate yourself from the rest of your family and retire to the comfort of your room to watch television shows or movies.


Before the take off of Internet on smartphones, the computer and Internet was something that you would experience at home, a useful tool to do some work on, or play a game; the home computer and Internet was something that surrounded the family home. My grandmother notes the gradual impact that the Internet has had on learning as very positive. She describes “your mother used to have to go to the library and borrow books to do all of her school work, but look what you can do with it now, you can put in half the effort and find better information than a library book”.

Although the Internet may not have had the impact that television had when it was firstly introduced, its development has most definitely caught up. The availability of the Internet has evidently had both positive and negative impacts on the family home, but with the growth of technology humanity evolves and so do the traditions of the family home. The incredible development that the Internet has made enables it to collaborate with television and therefore impact the living of the family home, although not all aspects of this development may be positive, it allows accessibility and an easier lifestyle. The advancement of technology allows us to learn faster and smarter.




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