Media Space

Each time I return to Uni, I feel as though I have left the media space where all things happen, almost as though I drop off the grid. Then suddenly when I return, I am swallowed by a world of online learning and media, such a varied way of learning in contrast to past times. In high school, we were not permitted on social media in class, where attending Uni this is flipped to be a necessity to the course.


Recently has probably been the most inactive I have been with social media and any media spaces, since I discovered it. I find myself less intrigued with social media and my online presence as I get older. I do engage with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, but only in more of a way that I consume the information, rather than interact or produce it.


I don’t partake in many media spaces, but I most certainty observe when a media space aligns with my interests. A recent media space that has consumed a large sum of my time is food and recipe videos. I don’t necessarily eat or make any of the food, but watching it being made tends to be exciting for me, comfort from watching food. This media space is available across most platforms, generally in the medium of videos. There can be certain pages, which exist across different social media platforms and link their content throughout. It is a way in which individuals can access content of their choosing, through the platform of their choosing. The joy of common interests unifying individuals and platforms.


Its very interesting that we can always seem to find a media space that can interest anyone. It is intriguing to be involved in or encounter a media space where you can feel as though you belong, even though you might not know anyone else in the media space; an acceptance among strangers with common minds and interests.



Tasty, 2016, ‘The Art Of Cookies’, Available From: < > (Viewed 1st August 2016) [Video]


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