Does Remixing Something To A Parody Really Have Any Boundaries?

Creators of remixes or remediation’s take an idea such as a song or a video, and add, remove, or change its original to create something almost new. Specifically, a parody does this to the idea in a humors way. For example, the Miley Cyrus video clip ‘Wrecking Ball’ received a lot of attention and demonstrated controversy from the media. Cyrus was once ‘tween queen’, from the Disney show ‘Hanna Montana’, but transformed into a sexual role model for the young girls who idolized her Disney show.


In Cyrus’ video clip she is seen sexually licking a hammer (which is just odd on a whole new level), riding a wrecking ball naked, and only in her underwear for the rest of the time. To some the video is seen as pornographic and sexualized, but Cyrus responded by claiming “that her nakedness in the short film is a metaphor for how vulnerable she feels inside.”


I really think that this video is just weird. But the controversy about this video created a sum of parody’s poking fun at Miley Cyrus and her ridiculous video. The specific parody that I have looked at was created by Bart Baker on YouTube. Baker has turned Cyrus’ video into a parody by changing they lyrics of the song and acting as Miley himself in the video. And this is pretty funny.


Bakers lyrics really depicts what a large public sphere really thought of Cyrus’ transformation to sexualisation. They lyrics look at her impact as a role model on female youth when Baker sings –

“I’m basically a wrecking ball for the youth of America

All I want is to brainwash them all with my massive nipples under my, tee”.

The lyrics are really quite blunt and get straight to the point, there is almost no line to cross or limits for dark humor with parodys in this case.

And notice how Miley has been licking every thing lately, or just had her tongue out at most chances she can get? Well another line of the lyrics talk about how this is found quite disturbing by some –

“Time for me to lick this hammer like it’s a big metal pen1s

I’ll lick anything for more attention”

Baker really highlights everything that has been discussed about Cyrus or her video. He even gets into talking about the video is porn when he gets another actor in the parody with him –

“Excuse me I’m here for the p0rn

Bend over girl let’s make this quick.

What do you mean? This is not p0rn.

Then why the hell are you naked?”

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.17.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.17.21 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.17.39 PM

Barkers example of a parody perfectly demonstrates the different lengthy boundaries when it comes to remixing or remediating a video into a parody by making fun of the artist.

Click on the above link to seem my youtube video – remixing remixes of Wrecking Ball–reveals-hidden-message.html


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