I dont even like Christmas.

A public sphere is generally a group of people discussing or giving an opinion on common concerns such as social issues, events, or ideas. For a small example, if a new prime minister was elected, certain groups of people interested in politics would discuss the change in government, how it affects them, and their opinion on it.

The public sphere has become very mediated over time and now certain shows or concerns target certain audiences. Therefore, the mediated public sphere.

Another example of something causing debate in the public sphere is the web series by Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, called ‘The Katering Show’. ‘The Katering Show’ is a show about cooking to say the least, but in a very full on way, poking fun at the issues involved with each episodes theme, and the food itself.


‘The Katering Show’ targets the popular culture or comic types of public spheres and delivers legitimate issues or life problems.

I watched the Christmas episode of ‘The Katering Show’ to analyze the different issues that the show actually delivers to its public sphere audience. I found, that when I re watched the episode to specifically look for addressed issues, that there are disguised both personal and life concerns.

One of the main general issues that the show looks at is the personal family problem that most people face over Christmas. I only ever have Christmas with my immediate family of four people, but I still understand the idea of unwanted family with theamount that everyone complains about people. On ‘The Katering Show’ Kate and Kate perform a role play of the typical pestering ‘auntie Ruth’.

“Hi Kate”

“Hi auntie Ruth”

“So Kate when are you going to start having babies?”

“I had a miscarriage.” “that one shuts them up every time.”


This dialogue demonstrates the typical annoying auntie or relative that just wont stop asking questions, but the dialogue would also involve another public sphere discussing the concerns of having a miscarriage.

Another issue that the pair address is battery farms when the pair engage in a conversation of what a turkey makes them think of.

“McCartney what does turkey remind you of?”

“Battery farms.”

Their dialogue just forces the problem into the open so quickly. Battery farms are like factories, containing thousands of birds inside crammed into miniscule cages, these cages are stacked on top of each other and go along the whole factory. It is cruel and inhumane.

Pitts Farm

Throughout the Christmas episode of ‘The Katering Show’ different kinds of issues arise that spark debate between different public spheres, yes the show is comic, but it forces these underlining problems on to the audience and creates discussion. For example, the concern of family Christmases would apply to most people who despise a family member, a pretty general public sphere. But they discuss the battery farm and miscarriages which sparks much more passion from the public sphere who feel strongly about these issues such as animal rights activists or parents who have suffered the trauma of a miscarriage. Overall, ‘The Katering Show’ has made me laugh, but has also made me angry that I have now analyzed these cruel issues.







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