Does it really matter who owns what you think you know?

Does it really matter who owns the media? Um… yes!

The media is mass communication to the public. When this mass communication is owned and controlled by specific people or groups, it can censor or alter the news to control what the public think that they know. The truth can be easily twisted by the owners of the media to form a bias opinion for the public on specific issues or events. The owners of the media have the power and control to decide whether or not they want to share information or news, or keep it hidden from the public for their own benefit, or any reason they see fit.

Murdoch papers

With the rise of the Internet and digital media, it is my opinion that the public generally chooses not to fully trust the media or government in the news that they present. The Internet gives light on so many more uncensored issues than what is disclosed in the major corporations. An example of this is Julian Assange’s website ‘WikiLeaks’ ( ). Assange’s site proved to the public that we weren’t being told the truth about the government. An exampe of this was in 2010 when a military helicopter in Baghdad, Iraq killed civilians, this was known as the ‘Collateral Murder’. This was the first indication to the public not to trust the news.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.32.59 PM

All trust issues aside, the two major Australian media ownerships of the current day are dominated by FairFax Media, and News Limited owned by Rupert Murdoch. With these two players, Australian media is one of the most concentrated in the world. There are other media giants at large, (eg. Gina Rinehart and others) but the main competition rests with these two organizations.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited owns 70% of Australian newspapers, also other news outlets such as television, magazinesand Internet or digital media sites. News Limited reaches over 15 million Australians. FairFax Media reaches over 10 million Australian viewers over mediums including newspapers, magazines, radio and digital media. These two giants control what the Australian public think that they know in terms of news, issues, events and ideologies.

Murdoch_owns_news          318634-aus-bus-pix-fairfax-media

The different mediums of media have evolved in terms of technology. These days the Internet is a much larger news platform, with younger and newer generations building their ideas and sites up with what is considered to be the way of the future. Fairfax is said to cut down almost 2000 jobs from newspapers due to a decline. The Internet is slowly replacing newspapers and this is sometimes just how competition works in terms of organizations progressing to future ages.


The influence that these media giants have is enormous; it exploits the ideologies of these organizations owners to gain control over public viewers in specific areas. Some people may still believe the media and everything that they broadcast, but I don’t think that everything that they speak is the truth. My words would suggest being cautious of what you trust in. But the times are changing and the Internet is evolving to produce more independent online journalists, so maybe there will soon be new players in the game of who owns the media.

Does anyone think that the Media is truthful? Leave your thoughts in the comments.,3259,_5_Apr_2010


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