Abbott Ate an Onion, or Two

Prime minister, Tony Abbott is possibly one of the most hated prime ministers in Australian history, according to some polls.And on the other hand some people (the extreme minority of the population) like the way that Abbott is running the country.


Abbott has broken countless promises since his time in parliament and my opinion on Abbott has been shaped by the Australian society’s hate of him, and since I have formed an opinion of him, I cannot view him in a positive light.

Since then the most interesting thing that Abbott has done in his time in office was eating a raw onion, then eating another raw onion. This is both hilarious and random.

The denotation of this photograph is the prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, eating a raw onion with the skin on, and his extremely big ears sticking out the side of his face.

The connotation of the image can mean different things to different social groups, or depend on the sides of government on which individuals back. For instance, a supporter of the Liberal party and Abbott, would suggest that the Australian primeminister is just eating an onion and showing his support to produce farms… in a rather odd way. Then on the other hand, an individual who hates Abbott running our country, and thinks that he’s running it to the ground with all of his broken promises, could think that the PM is being a spastic and eating a raw onion with the skin on. Is it even okay to eat the skin of the onion? Will it digest properly? Honestly, what mindset was he in when he just decided that he would eat an onion with the skin on?

Individuals have different perceptions and ideologies of Abbott, and on any topics altogether, this shapes the opinion and connotation of a photograph or image for the viewer. Sometimes an opinion cannot be changed depending on what one already knows and believes, this alters the way in which signs are read by different social groups or individuals.

PM was touring an onion produce farm in Tasmaina when he ever so casually picked up a brown onion, skin on and all, and took a bite. Mr Abbott didn’t even drop a tear according to produce farm owner, David Addison. Abbott responded to the circulating photos “I thought it was very important that I show my support for the great products that the Tasmanian agricultural industry produces and, you know, I enjoy onions. I normally have them cooked on the barbeque , but I enjoy onions”.

abbott eating an onion

And its very obviously clear that he enjoys onions because the PM made headlines a second time when he ate another onion in his office with Onions Australia CEO, Lechelle Earl.


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