“One does not simply explain memes to someone”

A meme is typically defined as “an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.” These slight variations travel internationally and constantly change the message to relevant issues or just for different media. Different forms of social media create different memes, for example movies, TV shows, photographs, or even drawings, the individual message is changed throughout different media mediums.

A meme can often relate to a TV series or show. For example the “one does not simply” meme, relates to “The Lord Of The Rings” movie, where Boromir explains to the Council of Elrond that the task of destroying the ring in the powers of mount doom in Mordor, is a near to impossible task.

This frame of the film had been captured and turned into a meme, any internet user could find this image and edit it to their personal ideas. This specific meme is used to explain the difficulty of something to the rest of the Internet. Memes are spread through person to person within a culture.



Memes can usually refer to internationally well know information, images or sayings. An example of this is the “success boy” image, well known for a success story meme. Meme creators, who use the success boy image for a meme, usually share small stories or sentences demonstrating an event that has been lucky or encouraging. The success boy, was an ordinary young boy, whose photo had been used and spread throughout the internet and media to share stories of success, therefore “success boy”. Social media platforms forced this image at an insane rate to international recognition as a meme. This just goes to show the rate and pace at which media and epidemics travel throughout the globe, and how different media platforms can change the message to individually suit different success stories and still relate to the meme.


Another type of memes are the drawn faces, which can be used in a comic strip as a rage comic, or just singularly by themselves as memes, created specifically to explain the comic humor of a positive or negative meme through the different emotional faces. Different popular emotional meme faces include, forever alone, poker face, fap face, “not bad”, derp or derpina and other faces that add up to create a story line for the rage comic strip. These emotions can be drawn or created from any original photographs. The comic strips used usually relate to fictional events.


These two rage comics are examples of how different emotions or memes can travel between different cultural mediums and either tell different stories using emotional faces in the rage comic, or using the face as a meme to demonstrate the emotions of the people who relate to the Harry Potter movies.

Regardless whether the meme is by it self or in a rage comic, around the globe and through different medium platforms, themessage can be changed to suit any individual’s humour.


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